Learning to Drive

The Farnworth School of Motoring provides professional instruction for complete beginners right through to advanced levels. We know what we are talking about - our staff have over six decades of training experience in the greater Bolton area - with both learner and ADI.

Learning to drive is a “Life Long Skill.”
You must pass a Theory/Hazard Perception Test and a Practical Driving Test before being granted a full driving licence. You will require a Provisional Licence before starting your lessons, and you must be able to read a vehicle number plate at 20.5m (in good light.)

In 2002 the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) introduced the Hazard Perception Test which is now a compulsory part of the examination.

PLEASE NOTE: Driving instruction for learners is only carried out in the Farnworth / Bolton areas.
If you have passed your test within the last two years then you might be considering the Pass Plus scheme – a Government backed, insurance linked, post driving course.