ADI Standards Check Preparation

Aspiring ADI's may not be aware that once qualified the DVSA regularly assesses your ability to teach pupils.

Many are content with a B grade. We at Farnworth SOM encourage all instructors to aim for the top of your profession… "A Grade"

Many companies offer training seminars - which tend to be quite expensive, last just one day, and in a large group.

We offer individual, one to one training which is completely confidential. Peter is committed to helping ADI's achieve the same A grade he recently achieved see here.

Why not take advantage of our long experience at helping instructors achieve their ambition of reaching the top of the profession?

From April 2014 the ADI Check Test was re-named "ADI Standards Check".

The main areas of assessment are:

Lesson Planning | Risk Management | Teaching and Learning Strategies

Each section contains a number of elements which are marked as follows:

0= no evidence of competence

1= a few elements of competence demonstrated

2= competence demonstrated in most areas

3= competence demonstrated in all areas

There will be 51 possible marks. If the driving instructor scores :

43 - 51 they will be awarded an A grade (85% or over)

31 - 42 they will be awarded a B grade (60% or over)

0 - 30 they will receive a FAIL (less than 60%)

It is imperative that the observed lesson is structured around the training needs of the pupil and the pupil is encouraged to take responsibility for developing an understanding of safe driving practice. "Client - Centred Learning" must be evident throughout the lesson with a high degree of self-assessment.

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