Instructor Training Part 1 - Foundation Course

The aim of this four day course is to cover all aspects of the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency syllabus, including the theoretical parts of the Part Two and Part Three modules as follows;

  • Role of the instructor
  • The driving test
  • Instructional methods
  • Driving standards
  • Teaching the disabled
  • Principles of communication & teaching

Many sample exam questions will be used on the course, and a mock exam will be set at the end. A short driving assessment will be carried out during the week with each student being given a comprehensive written report.

Since there is normally a wait of several weeks between this training course and taking the examination, training is continued with a home study course. This encourages students to study up to their examination date. The package covers;

  • Instructional techniques
  • Driving techniques
  • Teaching the disabled
  • DVSA tests & assessments
  • Mock Tests
  • Vehicle operation & control
  • Driving instruction & regulations
  • Highway Code rules & regulations

By this stage, over 1500 mock questions will have been attempted.

Business Module
For people wanting to set up their own learner driver business, we include advice on;

  • Advertising
  • Insurance etc.
  • Marketing
  • Purchase & finance of car

Four- day course (approx. 20 hours)  plus home study package .......... 850.00