Part 3 - Instructional Ability Training

When you have passed the Part Two examination, the final part of the training is arranged.
The aim of this module is to cover, in great depth, these main areas:

You will be trained to present lessons in a logical manner, by initially identifying and setting goals and then structuring the lesson to ensure learning takes place.
Route planning will be included and a flexible approach, changing the lesson plan where necessary.

This includes your ability to ensure the pupil fully understands how safety and responsibility will be shared. It is very important a pupil learns to accept responsibility for their actions. The instructor must give clear directions, in plenty of time and be aware of the surroundings and the pupil’s actions at all times .Verbal or physical intervention, by the instructor, must be timely and appropriate. At no point in a lesson should safety be compromised.

You will be trained to adopt a suitable teaching style to match the pupil’s learning style. Where possible, the pupil should be encouraged to analyse problems and take some responsibility for learning. The instructor needs to use a variety of techniques in order to achieve the goals of the lesson. Feedback and encouragement are important elements of a lesson. Answering the pupil’s queries in a non-discriminatory manner and encouraging the pupil to reflect on their own performance are important elements of a lesson.

Explanation of the controls/moving off & stopping/use of mirrors/signalling technique/positioning/dealing with junctions/dealing with roundabouts/pedestrian crossings/dual carriageways/town & city driving/interacting with other road users/eco-safe driving/defensive driving/emergency stops/all the manoeuvres involving reverse/rural roads/motorways/judgement of speed & forward planning/awareness and anticipation/meeting, crossing, overtaking & clearance/making progress & avoiding hesitancy/weather conditions/darkness/environmental issues/passengers & carrying loads/security/basic lessons-intermediate lessons-advanced lessons/dealing with a full licence holder.

The Part Three examination will assess the value of the instruction you give and your ability to develop your pupil’s driving skills, in order to produce of a safe driver for life.
The examination lasts for one hour and you will need to provide a pupil. This can be a friend or a relative and you can choose the subject. However, the subject must be appropriate and beneficial, taking into account the current standard of the driver and their past experience.
The DVSA examiner will sit in the rear of the vehicle and observe the lesson in its entirety.
You will be assessed using a standard form which contains 17 sub-sections. Each section will be carefully explained during your training.
Our training course for the ADI Part Three examination is structured around the syllabus set by the DVSA using the National Driver Training Syllabus as the basis for training. “Client-Centred Learning” will feature greatly during the course with reference to many alternative teaching and learning strategies.

At the end of this 60 hour module, you will be set a mock examination and advised whether to apply for the examination. Additional training will be offered, free of charge, if you are not ready to take the DVSA Part Three examination.

Students usually require approximately 60 hours "in car" training to reach the required standard. Many training establishments offer you far less than this. Remember, with Farnworth School of Motoring your money goes on your training - not glossy brochures and salesmen's bonuses.

Full training module - (minimum 60 hours) .......... £1900.00